On Pulsatrix, pricing is determined at the sole discretion of the author of the item, known as author-driven pricing.

Item price

Buyer fee

Author fee

Tax rate

The price paid to the author for the item license.

The portion of the Total price that represents Pulsatrix’s fee to the customer (this is a fixed fee in categories).

The portion of the item price that represents Pulsatrix’s fee to the author.

10% tax is added on checkout only and is paid by the customer.

It is important to set the price for your items independently and not discuss your pricing decisions with other authors.

Royalty free license
Ex. Item Price
In Checkout page

Item Price

Buyer fee 2$ + Tax 10%

Total Price


Note: The price must be from 5$ to 

The “Recommended purchase price” is just a guide to help you decide – all pricing decisions are yours and yours only.

All prices are in USD

Log into your Pulsatrix account as an Author and navigate to the upload page (add *price). When uploading a new item on these marketplaces, you need to specify
(in whole dollars e.g 10). We add the Fixed buyer Fee and 10% tax on the checkout page only.
Note: Fixed buyer Fee = two dollars

Authors pay PULSATRIX an author fee on their item price when it sells. This fee ranges from 50% for non-exclusives, to 30% for exclusives.